Surfer Dives Deep To Clean Up Trash With New App – GNSOTD Wed, Oct. 21st 2020

When people from San Diego litter, a lot of that trash inevitably ends up in the ocean, one California student is doing something about it.

In June, a young man started diving deep to keep two San Diego County river mouths clean. That man is Bryan Kaleta, a 20-year old Pepperdine student. Bryan said that taking classes online during the COVID-19 Pandemic was a bit boring, but that’s how he discovered a new app on his phone.

Rubbish is a free platform based out of the Bay area that creates innovative ways for people all over the world to pick up trash. Bryan loves to surf and dive, so he figured why not tackle the trash that threatens the ocean? For seven weeks he protected more than 20-thousand square meters of coastline; picking up trash day after day.

The biggest offenders were plastics and tobacco, he would find plastic bottles, and cigarette butts aplenty. The app, Rubbish, combines low tech trash grabbers with high tech software and allows volunteers to categorize litter and quantify their Rubbish runs. “It will say you’ve walked this distance and here is the spots with the litter you found and it kind of just creates a data chart so it’s really cool in that way,” said Bryan. He could talk all day about his report filled with pie charts.

But ultimately it is the impact people have on the environment Bryan wants to impress upon the public. Bryan said “You guys want to keep living clean and healthy then I’d say you should start thinking about the ramifications that your actions cause.”

If you’d like to learn more about Bryan, you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here. If you’d like to learn more about the Rubbish app click here.

We do need to have a care about how we are behaving in our lives; does all your garbage make it into the bags? Does your recycling make it into the bins? Every bit of litter is something someone has to clean up. Not everyone is doing what they should, otherwise we’d have much cleaner paths and waterways.

Story and Image from CBS8.

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