Super Sport Fan Family Sets Stanley Cup Record – GNSOTD Thursday June 6th 2019

For your Thursday morning it’s just a bit of fun as a strange Stanley Cup record was set this year. On Monday night the St. Louis Blues picked up a win in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals to tie the series 2 games a-piece. While that game was being played in St. Louis there was a couple, Elizabeth and Cyrus Vancil, who held a watch party in a hospital room. They were in the hospital because Elizabeth had started labour. But these two die hard hockey fans weren’t going to let a little thing like the pains before the miracle stop them supporting their team and so they watched and celebrated as the Blues picked up the important victory.


Then something interesting happened; the NHL brought the famous trophy to Mercy St. Louis hospital in the hopes of breaking the record for “youngest baby in the Stanley Cup.” It was a slightly obscure record and the family had heard rumours that the cup might be in the building but hadn’t given it too much thought. “We did not know, or even think, it was a possibility until the night before,” said Elizabeth. “We got word that the Cup might be there in the morning, and that a baby might get to take a picture with it, and that’s all we knew.”


But seeing as how they had just had a Stanley Cup watch party the night before there were still family members around and one of them checked with the hospital and come the morning after, once Elizabeth gave birth the Stanley Cup was brought into their room for a new record to be set! That is how newborn Ann Marie Vancil became the youngest person ever to be in the iconic Stanley Cup.


The Hospital even Tweeted out a video about it on their Twitter Account.


But for Sports fans aware of the bad luck associated with touching the Stanley Cup before your team has won it the family wanted to be very clear precautions were taken: “She didn’t touch the Cup. I want to make sure everybody knows that,” Elizabeth said. They made sure there was always a blanket between the baby and the cup and no one but the handler laid a finger on it.


While some might question putting your newborn baby in a sports trophy for these hockey fans it will be a story to tell their little lady as she grows; and having beaten the previous record by a full 77 minutes it seems unlikely their record will be beaten any time soon. But you can find out more about the family and the event and even see other video in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from Today.

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