Sunlight Desalination To Make Drinking Water In 30 Minutes

A team of scientists from Australia and China has proposed a sustainable solution that relies on sunlight to jump-start the filtration process instead of heat or electricity. While sunlight is an important part of this process, another key player is the material the researchers chose to use.

This material is a type of metal compound that is composed of metal ions configured into a crystalline pattern — not unlike the salt it aims to absorb. Using this super porous material to suck up salt from brackish, salty water, researchers were able to sustainably create nearly 40 gallons of clean drinking water per single kilogram of a metal material in a 30 minute period. Better yet, this drinking water was even cleaner than WHO’s official guidelines.

This is an incredible breakthrough for providing sustainable, clean, drinking water in locations where electrical power is not readily available; but for now it only exists in a lab. If you want to know more about this technology you can see the published study, or check our Source.


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