Students Raise Funds For Beloved Fast Food Worker – GNSOTD Fri, Mar 6th 2020

Students at the University of South Carolina enjoyed grabbing a bite to eat at a local fast food place, in no small part because of one of the employees they have dubbed a “local celebrity”, who can remember every students name and has the skills to do the job.

His name is Malcolm Coleman and he had a rough year. Not only did his father pass away, but the house he and his mother had been living in suffered extensive damage from an electrical fire. It turns out a lapse in insurance meant they could not afford the $75,000 in repairs and have been couch surfing with friends and family since.

Well, when a pair of students at the University learned that he was struggling, they took it upon themselves to help him out. Robert Caldaroni and Alexis Braz set up a GoFundMe page to help support Coleman and it states, “He strives to make a connection with every single student in a truly unique way.”

They hope the fundraiser will be enough to allow Coleman and his mother to go home. “Despite all of this, Malcolm never complains and takes every day as a blessing,” the page says. “He clocks into work every night to continue taking care of his mother and puts a small portion of his check towards maybe one day being able to return home.”

Coleman said that he is “in complete awe” by the generosity of strangers, who have so far raised more than $31,500 for him on this GoFundMe. And this love for a stranger is certainly worth being your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find in full here. But what makes it better is that Malcolm knows how to give thanks.

“I do not take any donation lightly because I know a lot of us work extremely hard to make a living,” he wrote in a post on Facebook. “This month mark[s] my 15th year anniversary working in the fast food industry. It’s beyond humbling all of my hard work, all that I bring to the table, and just being myself is valued and appreciated. I’m still in awe of all the love I stand on. Thank you all in advance and God bless you all.”

Story and Image from People.

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