Students In Ohio Use Downtime To Help Homeless – GNSOTD Monday Mar 11 2019

How many times a day do you pick up your phone? Or turn to your computer or a television for a distraction? What if instead you picked up something else that could not only provide you that distraction but also help others?

That is what student employees at Ohio Dominican University’s Computer Helpdesk are doing. They got the idea after a day in December when Noelle Lines, Ohio Dominican’s assistant director of Technical Services, talked to the students about her love of knitting and decided to bring in her supplies and show them how it was done. With enough baskets she was able to teach them all the basics in about 20 minutes. After that it was just a matter of practicing, and when many of them kept working at it over the break they came back in the New Year with an idea; to use their newfound skills to help the homeless in the area.


Lines said she often sees homeless men and women around Galloway, where she lives, so she asked the students if they’d like to knit warm items for them to protect them from the cold. The students’ enthusiasm for the cause immediately was palpable. They set themselves a goal of 500 items, hats or scarves or other warm items, to be handed out by Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Lines also expects that goal to be exceeded as they already have over 80 items finished. And not only are they making good headway on their charitable goal; the students said their time spent knitting is often meditative, a welcome respite from the stresses of school.


It is helping others and also practicing a craft while finding that welcome distraction from the stresses of life. You can find out more about how they came up with the idea and how they are doing with it in your Good News Story of the Day here.

But going forward consider instead of taking up one of those distractions that you take up something that can not only help you; but others.


Story and Image from Bristol Herald Courier.

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