Student Election Results 2019

The election in Canada took place yesterday where more than 17 million Canadians cast their votes for the leaders they thought best capable of leading the country. But the adults of voting age were not the only ones exercising their democratic right. More than 1.1 million elementary and secondary school students participated in Student Vote Canada 2019, coinciding with the 2019 federal election.


While their votes may not have had any impact on who was actually elected; they did give some insight into what the future might hold. After learning about the electoral process, researching the parties and platforms, and debating Canada’s future, students cast their ballots for the official candidates running in their school’s riding. As of 6:00pm ET yesterday (Monday, October 21st 2019), 1,181,053 votes were reported from 7,855 schools, with results from 338 federal ridings.


And according to the website, the end result of the election was the same as the Federal election with the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau forming a minority government; however things changed from there as instead of the Conservatives it was the NDP who formed the official opposition. The Conservatives did still take the popular vote but ended up 3rd in seats with 94 to the NDP’s 99 and the Liberal Party’s 110. The Green Party also saw a large increase, while the Bloc Québecois came in similar to where they stood before the election.



The Liberal Party took 22.3% of the popular vote and won 110 seats, forming a minority government. Justin Trudeau won in his riding of Papineau.
The NDP will form the official opposition with 24.8% of the popular vote and 99 seats. Jagmeet Singh won his seat in Burnaby South.
The Conservative Party took 25.1% of the popular vote and won 94 seats. Andrew Scheer won his seat in Regina—Qu’Appelle.
The Green Party took 18.2% of the popular vote and won 28 seats. Elizabeth May won her seat in Saanich—Gulf Islands.
The Bloc Québecois took 1.3% of the popular vote and won 9 seats. Yves-François Blanchet did not win his seat in Beloeil—Chambly.
These results include two ties: Newmarket–Aurora is tied between the Conservatives and NDP, and Niagara Centre is tied between the NDP and Liberals.


If you would like to know more about the student vote and how it broke down they have that information available, down to the individual ridings, at

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