Still Invited For Thanksgiving – GNSOTD Monday Nov 26 2018

Thanksgiving dinner is a chance for family to get together and sometimes friends as well; but only on special occasion does it involve strangers sharing a meal. For the past three years there has been a story circulating around this time of year about a wrong number gone right. It’s the story of a Grandmother who wanted to text her Grandson the details of dinner plans and ended up accidentally invited another young man over for the Holidays.



After it turns out that Wanda Dench of Arizona did indeed invite young Jamal Hinton over for dinner and for the past three years the two have been keeping in touch and sharing the holiday, Jamal even bringing his girlfriend over to meet his Thanksgiving family last year.


It is just a sweet and fun story to bring a smile to your face this morning as your Good News Story of the Day. Find out more about the two and their connection here.


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Image from Jamal Hinton on Instagram.

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