Spanish Robin Hood Mystery – GNSOTD Friday March 15 2019

Since Wednesday last week, around 15 people in Villarramiel, northern Spain, have received envelopes containing up to 100 euros in notes, some are in simple brown envelopes, others also received messages including the recipients’ names, addresses and phrases, such as “The princess of the household” — complete with a heart.


Some who received the gifts went to police to make sure it was all above board but police have opened no investigation because as far as they can tell no crime has been committed.


As far as why this is happening? No one knows, there is no apparent connection between the recipients who range from a widow living with her son, couples with small children, elderly couples, middle-aged couples without kids.


No one knows who the benefactor is, they are dubbing them the Robin Hood of Villarramiel, as they are improving the lives of many in the small town with their generosity. That is enough to be your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more here.


Story and Image from The Daily Mail.

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