South Carolina School District Taking Care Of Kids Even During Summer – GNSOTD Thur, June 11th 2020

In the Richland One School District, in Columbia, South Carolina, there are 8 schools where you will find cars lined up around the block once a week as parents go to pick up a weeks worth of food supplies for their kids. This is the school districts Free Summer Meals program and it started on Monday.

It is an extension of a program they have been running since the school shut down for safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic in March and it allows parents who might be struggling financially to make sure their kids get fed. Families with children enrolled in Richland One Schools can come by every Monday between 11 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and pick up a bag.

The Nutrition Director of Richland One, Tracy Dixon, says “Each bag is enough for one child for seven days. So, if a family has seven kids, then they have seven bags today.” Dixon says, “we’re averaging right now about 60-65,000 meals a day.”

Now, these meals all contain healthy items for kids; “They put fruits, vegetables, milk, juice, applesauce, apples, oranges and cereal.” Plus, “they do snacks – the kids love the snacks because I won’t ever buy them.” Says Brianna, a parent of students at Eau Claire High School, as she laughs.

She can laugh because she is getting help taking care of her kids. As a single mother of two that’s a great relief. This kind of program is important and necessary to give many kids a chance. It’s also your Good News Story of the Day and you can learn a lot more about it and watch the video here.

This free summer meals program is set to run, according to the School District, until July 30th. Bear in mind that in the States the schools open earlier than they do here, so that’s not a long time before they might be back in school able to use the regular meal program.

Story and Image from WLTX19

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