South Carolina Bus Driver Inspires Students Fights For School And More – GNSOTD Tuesday Feb 12 2019

There is a man in South Carolina who plans to continue to fight for the district, where they call him a miracle worker. That would be the Ware Shoals district where the superintendent credits him with helping decrease the dropout rate. So who is this man God sent to keep these kids in school, is he a teacher or a principle? No, he is a bus driver, but he is so much more than that. And he is no stranger to doing God’s work; because Rev. James Davis has also pastored at Dunn Creek Baptist Church for 24 years.


Now, every day during the week he is up before the sun to get behind the wheel of the bus, which some would just call work but in his own words “I don’t get up in the morning to go to work. I get up to fulfill my purpose,” Davis said. That purpose? Give the kids a positive atmosphere, a positive attitude about going to school. This love for the kids and hope for their future is what has kept the Reverend doing this other work for nearly a decade. He steps in when other buses break down and when plans were floated to combine his district with another he considered it and then lept into action when he determined it was a bad idea.  “The consolidation of our school district would present several logistic dynamics which would be a detriment to the poor and disadvantaged,” Davis said. He has appeared before a state house subcommittee and says he will continue the fight.


He also mentors students who need extra support… and runs a church. And if you think all of that would keep him busy enough he is also currently enrolled in a homiletics doctoral program and wants to become a professor of the art of preaching.


Reverend James Davis is a remarkable man and the fact that he is out there in the world doing God’s work is good enough to be your Good News Story of the Day. Find out more about this community hero and get inspired to do your own best to fulfill God’s purpose for you by checking out the story here.


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