Social Circles (Or Social Bubbles) Vs Social Gatherings

As we continue our shared fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), especially considering the introduction of Social Bubbles, or Social Circles as they are now being called, it should be pointed out how they differ from Social Gatherings.

Social Circles (Bubbles) are a way to safely expand the number of people with whom you can come in close contact. Think of your social circle as the people you can hug and touch, or those who can become part of your daily and weekly routines.

What you Can and Cannot do with Social Circles:

  • Your Social Circle CAN include up to a total of 10 people. It’s important to know that those you live with are automatically members of that group; if you have a household of 5 you can only add 5 more people.
  • You CAN only be a member of ONE Social Circle.
  • You CANNOT have separate Social Circles for home, work, and friends.
  • You CANNOT swap Social Circles. Each member must make the commitment for the duration of this phase of fighting the Coronavirus.
  • You CAN get close to your Social Circle. There is no need to remain physically distant with your Social Circle.

Social Gatherings involve any combination of ten people — from any number of social circles — who meet up while maintaining two-metre distance from individuals outside their circle. These are anything from a lunch date in the back yard, to speaking with colleagues in the parking lot.

What you Can and Cannot do with Social Gatherings:

  • You CAN meet with up to 10 people.
  • These groups CAN be different people each time.
  • There CANNOT be more than 10 people.
  • You CANNOT break Social Distancing guidelines with anyone who is not withing your Social Circle.

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