Small Town In Iowa Gets Big Gift – GNSOTD Wed, Apr 15th 2020

Every so often you come upon a story that gets better the more you read it. This is one of those.

It begins in a small town in Iowa, called Earlham, population 1,450. With the mayor, Jeff Lillie, who got a call one day from someone saying they had heard of another anonymous person who wanted to do something nice for the community. They wanted to buy 100 gift cards from the local grocer and a local restaurant to give out to people who needed it.

They had decided the mayor would be the best to ask about distributing the gift cards to ensure those who needed it most were the ones to receive them. Lillie was obviously thrilled to do so.

Before he could work out a list of names he received another call from the same source saying instead of 100 gift cards, it would be 250! Lillie suggested that if they were going to go that far they might want to add in the other restaurant in town. Covering all the food dispensing businesses in the community. This idea got the go ahead and so he was working THOSE numbers out when he got called again, the anonymous donor wanted to make it 500 gift cards.

Well, Lillie was thrilled! He pointed out that was almost one per household! The entire town only has 549 residences within the it’s limits. Add to that, that these three businesses were going to get a nice boost in funds from such a generous individual and Lillie was beginning to be overwhelmed. But the donor wasn’t done.

There was one last call; the donor didn’t want to leave anyone out. They also didn’t want to split that odd number of cards up among the three businesses, so they said to make it one $50 card from each business for every house. That’s Over $82,000 into this small town economy, and every household getting $150 to go toward required groceries, and the treat of ordering in take-out.

What a blessing this person is! And though unknown; they are the source of your Good News Story of the Day, read it in full here. This is not the kind of generosity everyone is capable of, but it is EXACTLY the kind of sentiment that is needed right now! Local businesses and local people, all benefiting from one purchase. As Lillie said, it is above and beyond.

“I don’t believe ‘thank you’ is a big enough word,” he said. “I can’t even describe the level of gratitude that I have for this person. I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.”

Be sure to read your Good News Story of the Day because believe it or not; it gets better.

Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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