Six Nations Businessman Sends Relief To Bahamas – GNSOTD Friday, Sept 6th 2019

Three jets left from Hamilton loaded with supplies of support for the Bahamas to offer relief after Hurricane Dorian. Ken Hill, a businessman from Six Nations who has property in the Bahamas, said he was moved to act after hearing accounts from friends on the islands and seeing the devastation from Hurricane Dorian on the TV. As many as 13,000 homes in the Bahamas may have been destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Dorian, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. In a statement from the UN World Food Programme, food may be required for 14,500 people in the northern Bahamas’ Abaco Islands and for 45,700 people in Grand Bahama.


And while the Canadian government has announced it would give up to $500,000 in emergency assistance to support experienced humanitarian organizations, Hill said he couldn’t just sit and watch. “We know a lot of people, have a lot of close friends, almost like brothers and sisters,” said Hill. “They’ve been through a number of storms, but this one was the worst.” So he decided to makes some calls. He arranged three jets to fly cargo including donations of supplies like canned food, water, flashlights, clothing, and generators. Hill said he is travelling with the supplies along with a team of volunteers, including carpenters and bricklayers, to help in the reconstruction.


Hill is working through a charity he started with business partner Jerry Montour and others called the Dreamcatcher Foundation to help fund the relief effort. Hill and Montour also founded Grand River Enterprises, the cigarette manufacturing behemoth with a global reach based out of Six Nations, a Haudenosaunee community about 30 km southwest of Hamilton. Hill’s partner Montour said Hill contacted him about the idea and he quickly agreed to back the plan. “Everyone likes to do a lot of talking, but they don’t want to step up,” said Montour. Montour added his biggest concern was ensuring they sent clean water. “At the end of the day, one of the scariest things is not to have access to clean water,” he said.


While their donation to victims of Hurricane Dorian is your Good News Story of the Day, and there is more to read here, it isn’t all there is to the Dreamcatcher Foundation, and if you would like to know more about it you can find it at


Story and Image from CBC News.

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