Sisters Raise Funds For Hungry Americans On Thanksgiving – GNSOTD Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019

For the third year in a row, Alex Fischer, 9, and her sister Caroline, 6, are raising money to provide meals for North Carolina families that can’t afford the traditional holiday feast. From cherry pies to turkeys and mashed potatoes, these two sisters are on a mission to make sure families in need have the Thanksgiving dinners they deserve. It started as a small effort and has become a big tradition. “We started this as a service project in 2017 for the family to do in the holidays,” the girls’ mom, Lisa Fischer, said. “When I initially suggested we donated one box of food, Alex said that wasn’t enough and that we should do 10 boxes.”


That kind of effort was a bit beyond the families financial situation and their mom pointed that out; but they were undeterred and decided to open up a lemonade and baked goods stand to raise funds. “The girls are always excited when they see their friends, teachers and neighbors show up to their lemonade stand, but they are too young to understand how much attention they’re actually getting,” Fischer said. “They just know this means a lot of people will be able to have Thanksgiving dinner,” she added. The first year ended up with 100 food baskets.  Last year, the girls raised  $2,276, which was enough money for 130 boxes of food and 50 turkeys! Far surpassing their goal of 101 food boxes.


This year they set a goal of 50 food boxes and 50 turkeys, $1000.00 worth. As of this posting they have reached $3,813 which is more than triple their goal. They constantly out perform their expectations and it’s brilliant.


This effort to help out and the success it is seeing is proof positive of the kindness and giving that humanity can offer and it’s your Good News Story of the Day. Find out more about it here, support their GoFundMe, or other holiday helping opportunities, and let’s keep that spirit going!


Story and Image from CNN.



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