Shopping Consideration For Others

It’s becoming obvious that those with difficulties shopping normally are suffering even more with all the panic buying currently happening. With images and stories of seniors and individuals with disabilities being unable to get what they need.

But there are those who care about them and are going to adjust how their stores function in order to assist. With that goal Shoppers Drug Mart announced on their Twitter account they will be opening up the first hour of their day at all stores for Seniors and individuals with disability to shop.

They are not alone in this action, more stores around the globe have been announcing similar actions to ensure that those vulnerable to the spread and highest severity of the COVID-19 Coronavirus have the ability to shop safely.

The largest shopping chain in Australia, Woolsworths, announced a similar action for their stores. And the trend appears that more stores are following. Hopefully these actions will ensure no one goes without, and no one has to put themselves at risk just to get what they need.

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