Seniors Out For A Ride – GNSOTD Thursday, Dec 19th, 2019

Good ideas can come from anywhere, at any time. Take this one idea that happened in Copenhagen in 2012, when Ole Kassow was biking to work and noticed an older man sitting outside on a bench. He began to wonder about that man’s history: Did he used to bike to work, too? Would he still want to go on a ride? The next day, Kassow showed up at a local nursing home with a rented rickshaw and began offering rides to residents, who were thrilled by the opportunity to get outside. That year, Kassow launched his idea which has since spread to 1,762 affiliates across 42 countries.


The idea is Cycling Without Age, and Kassow credits his 2014 Ted Talk about the organization, which now has more than 175,000 views on YouTube, for fueling international interest in the program. The program made it’s way into the U.S. in 2015, and has had a positive impact on the communities which host it. “When you have people who are in a forgotten state and you take them into their communities, they meet new people, see people they know, and it makes some of these smaller towns a little stronger,” said Kelly Talcott, U.S. coordinator for CWA. “It’s really about giving somebody a new story to tell.”


That includes the likes of Chicago’s Helen Hoffman, 88, who recently was out enjoying a ride. She got to laugh as her pilot guided the bike into town, navigating bumps in the road. The pair gliding past churches, deer and joggers as Hoffman pointed out her favorite homes and commented on the size of the trees, adding an occasional, “Watch out for the squirrels!” An excursion she would not have been able to have if not for that bike ride past the bench 7 years prior. It’s all part of your Good News Story of the Day, which has so more more to discover about it here. Don’t take for granted the moments of inspiration God puts before us. Even the smallest thought could become something grand if we took the time to follow through.


Story and Image from USA Today.

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