Seniors Entertaining Seniors Pirate Style – GNSOTD Thur, May 28th 2020

One of the most vulnerable groups of our society has also been one of the most closely monitored during this COVID-19 Pandemic, and that’s Seniors. Seniors have had to be on complete lock down all around the world.

That leads to some very bored and very lonely people who turn to the only safe modes of communication available to them; Online communication, Television, and Radio. But what if they want only to hear from other seniors, can’t leave their rooms, and don’t have a webcam or microphone for online chatting? You can’t turn on the TV and find your neighbours, and you can’t find them on the radio either… Or can you?

It seems that a fair number of seniors have found a way to make it so they can! But it’s not exactly above board; They call it Radio Recliner. It’s a pirate radio station run by Resident DJ’s across the U.S.

Now; pirate radio isn’t like it used to be. There’s no boat off shore broadcast an illegal signal. It’s done online these days. But still, it’s a wonderful way they are using to keep themselves and their peers entertained and connected.

“The thing that touches me the most is that we ask each DJ to give advice to others how should they stay positive through these times,” said Mitch Bennett, Chief Creative Officer of Luckie, the brand behind Radio Recliner.

It all started last month and they only planned to go for about a month before packing it in, but apparently there has been so much demand and such a high response that they have decided to keep it going with no plans to stop anytime soon.

If you want to know more about them you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day; here. It’s one of the key elements of radio, community, being used in such a fascinating way.

Story and Image from WVLT.

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