Selfless Christmas Wish Comes True – GNSOTD Monday Dec 31

Michael Bell is a regular visitor to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia because of a genetic disorder that can cause tumors to form. During his many routine screenings he has met several kids affected by cancer. But his mom never thought he understood the gravity of their situation. That was until she heard a message from Santa after Michael’s visit.


Turns out Michael had a special request for the big man in red and it wasn’t for Eagles gear; no, Michael wanted to help out those other kids he had met, so he asked if he could borrow some money for kids with cancer. This kind of a remarkable request from a child of 8 tends to spread quickly and so come Christmas morning Michael Bell found himself opening what he thought was his last present before his attention was drawn to something, in his own words; “I thought I was all done, but then I looked to the platform and I saw something under the platform. I took it out, and there was a million hundred dollars,” Michael said.


$1000.00 can look like that to a child. If you would like to learn more about this selfless act from an 8 year old boy on Christmas you can do so in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Also! Because this is the last GNSOTD of the year here is a bonus for you; the Washington Post did a review of some wonderful moments from 2018. Remember, even the seemingly worst of years can have its bright spots, keep the faith. Find their review of these moments here.


Story and Image from CBS.



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