Selfitis Is A Real Selfie Disease:

The National Herald claims The Institute of Medical Sciences at the U of T is treating four to five people a day for Selfitis. The selfie disease is a mental condition where people feel compelled to continually post pictures of themselves on social media.

Pediatrician Piyali Bhattacharya says, “If a person takes more than three selfies in a day and posts them on the social media, then he or she is suffering from Selfitis. They slip into depression if the selfie they post on social media does not get the required appreciation or ‘likes’. This is an advanced stage of digital addiction. The youth are losing their sleep, their work abilities are slowing down and they are also alienating themselves from friends, relatives and family.”

Hard to get by in today’s world without a device,the temptation to seek approval from others is always there.

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