Secret Santa On The Bus In Milwaukee – GNSOTD Tuesday, Dec 10th, 2019

Secret Santas have been spreading joy for generations, giving anonymous gifts in the Christmas season. Sometimes it is a gift exchange, sometimes it is just a gift without wanting anything in return. But the key to a Secret Santa is not knowing who Santa is; which is why for this story all we get to know is that Secret Santa is an anonymous, wealthy businessman who every year travels the US giving out $100, $200, sometimes $300 to random strangers. Usually people he finds in thrift stores.


But this year Secret Santa added a new group of helpers to his side; he recruited several bus drivers in the Milwaukee area to help him out! These bus drivers have a history of doing kind deeds; from stopping the bus to fetch a pair of lost children’s shoes, helping a turtle cross the street or rescuing a child out wandering alone. “We’re going to be on the biggest sleigh we’ve ever had. And the magic is going to be like gold dust flying across the city,” Secret Santa said. And then over the course of the day, five drivers were allowed to hand out hundred dollar bills to passengers on their bus; in the end thousands of dollars were handed out.


What overwhelmed most people was the unconditional kindness. The drivers said it affected them almost as much as their passengers. “It was a great experience. It’s going to stick with me the rest of my life,” one driver said. And that sort of kindness without want of anything in return; not even recognition, is what makes this your Good News Story of the Day. You can find more about Secret Santa’s work in Milwaukee here. But let’s not forget that there is something you get from being kind – “If you ever feel down, if you ever feel a little depressed, and you want to solve your problem, go out and do something kind for somebody – because when you do that, you’re uplifting yourself,” Secret Santa said.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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