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When it comes to kids, learning skills that will help them in life, it takes more than what they teach in the classroom; and it takes equal opportunities as well. That is where your Good News Story of the Day comes from Today. It’s about a troop of Scouts in Naperville, Illinois. Which isn’t just for the boys any longer. The Boy Scouts, which changed the program name to Scouts: BSA last year, opened up to girl members in February and though the troops are either Boys or Girls they occasionally come together for activities. This equal opportunity is how boys and girls ended up learning plumbing from Stephen Brockman, owner of Expert Plumbing Heating & Electrical, who said he didn’t adjust any instruction or hands-on practice for the plumbing merit badge because his Scout audience included girls and boys. “That’s the point, to do nothing different.”


Indeed this tact of changing nothing about how kids learn is exactly what equal should mean. Treat them the same when it comes to their learning opportunities and let them grow at their own pace. This was welcome news to some of the girls including 11-year-old Evy Boulware who said “Boys aren’t the only ones who get their hands dirty. Girls can do anything a boy can do. I cut a piece of pipe. I like working with my hands.”


Not only do such learning opportunities help them learn important skills they will be able to use around the home, making them self-sufficient, it also opens useful trade professions that they could pursue down the line. Scouts Canada has been accepting members of all kinds since 1998, but now Scouts:BSA will see boys and girls both growing because of what is now available for them to learn.


Find out more about your Good News Story of the Day here; including many more thoughts from the girls themselves and their instructor for that day.


Story and Image from the Chicago Tribune.

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