Puppy With Tail On Forehead Gets Forever Home – GNSOTD Friday, Dec 6th, 2019

Last month a story went viral about an adorable little puppy with a fairly unique feature; a tiny tail growing out of his forehead. The puppy, thought to be a dachshund and beagle mix, was found at a dump site in rural Jackson, Missouri. He was found by Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit dog rescue that predominately helps pups with special needs, whose founder, Rochelle Steffen, says that hundreds of dogs have been dumped at that site, many being rescued by the mission. Mac’s Mission focuses on helping dogs with deformity, clefts and trauma “since those get euthanized far more than any others and there is a great need to give them a chance,” Steffens said. “We give them that chance.”


They named the puppy Narwhal, after the unusual growth, and proceeded to put him through medical examinations, x-rays and a vet visit, and found he was perfectly healthy. They then put the puppy’s story up on their Facebook page, and that’s when things went wild. The pictures and tale went viral, even spawning a Snopes article to determine if the pictures were real. The story went international at the time, and nearly became your Good News Story of the Day back then for all the positive attention it was garnering. But the puppy was not up for adoption yet, there was a question of if the extra tail would become a medical issue as he grew and the mission did not want to send him out only to have him abandoned again should medical costs arise. So they waited, and then the story got better.


In the weeks since the story went viral, Steffen says hundreds of applications to adopt the puppy came in, it seemed people were absolutely in love with the animal. And further observation determined the extra tail was not going to become an issue to the pups health. But furthermore? The puppy has already found it’s forever home. He was adopted by Rochelle Steffen herself. “I had no intention initially of keeping him,” Steffen told the Southeast Missourian. “It’s not just a decision from me. The whole rescue cannot fathom him leaving. We all fell in love with him.”


And it isn’t just Steffen who will be able to love the pup, they are having him trained as a therapy dog, it seems he will likely stay working at the mission. And because the nonprofit’s life-saving efforts are strictly grassroots through social media, Steffens explained that Narwhal’s story getting so much attention has been “majorly epic for so many new folks to find out about our little awesome rescue.” Your Good News Story of the Day can be found here, and it’s a happy ending all around for the puppy, the mission, and Narwhals fans; who can now rest easy knowing he will be forever loved – and also knowing where they can go to check in on him.


Story from Global News.

Image from Rochelle Steffen/Mac’s Mission on Facebook.

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