Promise Of Golf Changes A Life – GNSOTD Friday May 3rd 2019

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a police officer is being praised for going above the call of duty by honoring a promise that got a man off the streets. That man is Mark Yphantis who suffered a devastating loss when his ex passed away, Susan Marie-Lumbard, which started Mark drinking every day. That drunkenness often got him in trouble; as a matter of fact Officer Justin Maguire said he had to arrest Yphantis on more than one occasion.


But rather than consider him a lost cause, Officer Maguire offered him a challenge and a choice, get sober and he would take him golfing. “I kept that in the back of my mind,” Yphantis said. “And finally I said, ‘I think I’m going to do this.'” In January, Yphantis checked into rehab. He said he has been sober for 109 days. He also said that he has been holding down a job and has a place to live. A long way away from homeless and drunk on the streets.


He has also had more support than just from Officer Maguire, as some donations helped get him a set of clubs and a practice round at a local golf course. “It’s a lot better than being the way I was four or five months ago,” he said. “But that’s old news now. Now, it’s time to look forward so I don’t see what’s behind me, you know?” Yphantis credits Christian After Care Ministries and Helping Hands with keeping him sober.


A lovely turn around story for your Friday morning’s Good News Story of the Day. Be sure to read more and watch the video in available about Mr. Yphantis and Officer Maguire here.


Story and Image from WMUR9.

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