Professionals Believe Concerts Could Return In 2021

The Pandemic shut down a lot of things, and cancelled plenty of events, but one that many have missed this year is live music. Some smaller musical events have been popping up lately, and then there’s the Drive In Concert series which has been happening for a few months now.

Of course, music never went away, plenty of artists were performing online concerts the whole time. But those aren’t quite the same. Well, Good news for concert lovers, the pros believe that full concerts will return in 2021.

Pollstar and VenuesNow combined for a survey to ask the key questions to more than 1,350 live industry professionals in a newly published survey, with just over half of the respondents expecting a return to live venue shows next year. Another third expect it will be 2022.

They believe that full capacity concerts will return, with 54.7% in favor, compared to 30.6% who say the comeback won’t happen until 2022. When breaking down 2021 by quarters, most peg it to later in the year: 27.8% said the industry will return in Q3; followed by 14.6% who put the comeback in Q4; 12.5% said Q2; while most have already written off Q1 with just 2% of the tally. 14.7% candidly admit they “have no idea” when the industry will return.

Over 60% said they would go to work on a tour right now, though the majority of those would only do so if proper guidelines were followed. 31% were absolutely against Touring right now, and 8% were unsure.

As far as those streaming shows going into the future; the professionals are fairly split on what will happen: 48.55% say that they have been nice but will end with the return of concerts. 43.57% say that they see a hybrid of live shows and streaming concerts happening. Only 7.88% believe the streaming shows will simply continue for some artists.

They also released plenty more information on the state of the industry, such as how much longer some believe their business can continue in their current situation. What kind of impact the pandemic shut down has had on their jobs. And how shows will be different going forward.

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