Paying Back Student Lunch Debt – GNSOTD Monday May 27th 2019

If you did not know, down in the states there are schools who have lunch programs that families pay into so their children can have their lunch every day, some of these programs have become another source of debt for families. In Wisconsin when a father found out children at his daughter’s school were not being fed because of their debt he went into Dad mode and took care of it which led to some policy changes in schools there. In North Carolina Hailey, 13, and Hannah Hager, 11, set up a lemonade stand last weekend, hoping the profits would make a dent on the $41,000 owed in lunch money at Davidson County schools. An effort that managed to raise more than $3,000.00 USD to pay back lunch debt.


But this isn’t the first time these sisters have helped someone, and it isn’t going to be the last either, according to their Facebook page. It seems it started a year ago with a challenge from their mother, Erin Hager, to perform one random act of kindness. It started with fundraising for a hospice looking after their “pawpaw” but blossomed from there to other charitable acts. They’ve made Helping Homeless Kits, and were reaching out to domestic violence and children’s home charities when they found out about the student lunch debt problem.


The original $3,100 was to pay off the debt at Hannah’s school Southwood Elementary. At Hailey’s school, Central Davidson Middle School, the family says the debt is over $3,500 and they also know the high school has their own debt and they won’t stop until they have bridged the financial gap. “Nobody likes to see other people struggle with anything,” Hannah Hager, 11, told, adding that she has a friend who sometimes doesn’t have enough to eat at her elementary school. “It takes just a little bit of effort and you can do amazing things from it,” Hailey, 13, said.


The girls have raised over $4,500 so far and with all the attention going their way that number is sure to keep climbing. Kids should never go hungry. Good on the girls and all their supporters for ensuring that doesn’t happen. Find out more about their efforts, their stand, and how the school lunch system works in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from Inside Edition.

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