Parents Hold Community Baby Shower For Others In Need – GNSOTD Thursday, Sept 12th 2019

You’ve likely heard the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. One couple from York, Pennsylvania took that to a whole new level when they decided they were going to hold a community baby shower for parents in need. Jonathan and Cindy Strawbridge are parents to 2-year-old Lucas, felt very luck to have the support they do, but wondered about others who don’t. “We have a village which we are so grateful for,” Cindy Strawbridge said. “But what about other people that don’t have a village?”


That’s why they reached out to gather essentials like diapers, formula and clothing. All of which were donated from businesses and community members. All told they assembled 150 baskets for moms, dads and caretakers of little ones. And to give it a little extra love, each basket even has a handwritten note. “Every note says something different, but what is consistent is that you matter, you are loved,” Cindy Strawbridge said. “So is your child, and we’re happy to be a part of the village with you.”


See more about your Good News Story of the Day here, be sure to check out the video, and then think on how you can reach out to include others in YOUR village.


Story and Image from WBAL TV 11.

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