Paratroopers Donate Over 1,500 Toys To Needy Children For Christmas – GNSOTD Tue, Dec. 8th 2020

A donation in North Carolina recently took place that will eventually see anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 toys delivered to local children in need. The effort behind it was the 82nd Airborne Division of Fort Bragg, North Carolina’s second annual All-American Presents from Paratroopers Toy Drive which saw over 1,000 paratroopers take part.

The Toy Drive, also known as the A2P2, was done in partnership with the Travis Mills Foundation, an organization that treats families of wounded military veterans to vacation getaways in Maine. The Foundation will be responsible for delivering the toys to other various organizations including the Fort Bragg USO, the North Carolina Children’s Home Society, the Armed Services YMCA, a local Sheriff’s Department, and the Fayetteville Urban Ministry.

By donating a toy, each paratrooper was automatically entered into a special raffle to participate in a parachute jump with a member of the Chilean military. Roughly 600 of the paratroopers won the prize, earning a special foreign patch for their uniforms for their effort.

There isn’t likely to be any toys that don’t find a worthy home this year as North Carolina ranks 11th among U.S. states with the highest rates of childhood poverty. That’s according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The data showed that children in the state experience poverty at a rate of 21.2 percent, and children in rural counties and the state’s Eastern region were more likely to live in poverty.

An estimated 43 percent of all children in North Carolina live in poor or low-income homes, according to NC Child, a state child advocacy organization. The organization has reported that childhood poverty increases a child’s chances for reduced success in school, more exposure to violence, hunger, abuse and neglect and parents caught in the judicial system.

These are terrible statistics, and there are certainly plenty of other things that need to be done to improve situations such as this, especially in North America, where such things are avoidable. The children who receive these toys may not be lifted from the situations, but at least for the moment they will have their spirits lifted by the gift of joy from a stranger. That is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here.

It also mentions though that the Travis Mills Foundation isn’t the only state organization donating to North Carolinian children in need during the holidays.

The North Carolina Community Action Association, a group dedicated to helping impoverished families throughout the state, is holding a 12-days of Christmas challenge so that it may distribute presents and food boxes to families in need. The care packages average about $15 per individual and $100 per family. Even more spirit lifting effort for those poor children.

Story and Image from Newsweek.

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