One Last Gift To Those In His Community Who Cared – GNSOTD Monday, Oct. 7th 2019

There are many kinds of lives lived, those who have great numbers of family and friends, and those who have few. Just so, there are many kinds of funerals, those attended by many, and those who have no more than the director and a minister. It seems that when Dennis Valstad, of Ripon, Wisconsin, passed away at the age of 69 a few months ago, he didn’t expect to see much attendance at his funeral. He had no wife, no children, and very few close friends.


What was different about Dennis, however, was the way he lived his life. After he passed a few things were discovered by his estate executor, Don Jorgenson, including his New Year’s resolutions such as; “Live a life that is pleasing to God,” and “Find true friends — not be lonely.”


It seems that Dennis was able to accomplish some of his goals, because his funeral was attended by some 270 people from his community. A wonderful celebration for a man some called “endlessly kind.” And in return; he did one final kindness. Though none knew it in advance; those who attended his funeral, stepped inside and signed the registry, would receive a portion of his estate. $500,000.00 to be divided among the attendees, to be exact. It seems that Dennis has secretly amassed a significant sum, and had determined to secretly gift it to those who showed him one final kindness.


You should never be kind for a reward, but rewards often come from kindness. Dennis may have resolved to live a life that is pleasing to God, but he left a legacy that is sure to motivate people to be more kind, more loving, and more understanding. And that’s your Good News Story of the Day. Be sure to click here to read more and watch the video on this incredible story. And don’t forget to let people know you appreciate them before they are gone from this life as well as after.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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