New Hampshire Woman Already Planning Troops Holiday Gift – GNSOTD Tue, July 7th 2020

Down in the states, Laura Landerman-Garber of New Hampshire has been doing the Holiday Cards for Our Military Challenge for years to try and spread love and kindness.

For almost two decades, she’s been collecting written greetings to send to troops around the holidays. You might be wondering why she is already starting her effort when it’s just the beginning of July? That’s because last year 175,000 cards went out from more than 40 states.

“Several people have said to me you know maybe this isn’t the year to do it. And you know my response is going to be, ‘Yeah, no.’ That’s not going to happen,” she said. She doesn’t want the soldiers to feel forgotten.

Her home is already filling up as she has received 10,000 cards so far, but amid Coronavirus concerns, she doesn’t know how many more will come. She can’t go to games, camps and fairs to collect them like usual, but people can still stop by to get a box of cards to sign.

And they can do a contact-less drop off of their own cards to her any time using a drop box. Each card will sit for at least 48 to 72 hours to make sure it is safe to handle before it is passed off to the next person in any chain of connection. That is generally considered safe by all standards with this virus.

It’s all in effort of delivering a message of hope “If you have hope, then you can have resilience. If you’re resilient, then you can move forward, and that’s what drives me is that those men and women can do exactly that with a card. It’s in their hand. It’s tangible,” Laura said.

You can find more on this tangible bit of hope, and watch the video in your Good News Story of the Day here. It should also be noted she has teamed up with the “Cards 2 Connect” program, and Sen. Maggie Hassan to deliver cards to New Hampshire veterans during the pandemic. If you’d like to get involved and sign a card, head here.

Story and Image from WMUR 9.

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