Never Too Young To Help – GNSOTD Tuesday July 16th 2019

There are some in community who mistakenly think that the young have little to offer when it comes to helping out; those who have followed the Good News Story of the Day know that is not the case. One young lady from Central Florida wanted to prove it. Serenity Gary was 5 when she began tagging along with her grandmother to feed the homeless and hungry. “But the organizations and churches that we would help thought that I was too young, and they said I couldn’t come back,” she said. “So I decided to do it myself.”


And so she did. It’s now 9 years later and this young lady has accomplished quite a bit, providing groceries, toiletries, clothing for the homeless and even furniture for formerly homeless people who’ve just moved into housing. And not just a few, but the multitudes. When she was 7 she started here own charity called “Serenity’s Grace” which started off in it’s first year serving 1,100 people. Now they average 1,100 people a week. She also goes on speaking engagements to encourage others to help. That is how Serenity ended up at a national Boys & Girls Clubs of America conference in Orlando recently where she shared her story with an audience of young leaders, and how an appreciative corporate sponsor, Aaron’s, Inc., was able to surprised her with a $15,000 check for her charity.


Because of this young woman’s determination to help there are food pantries feeding the hungry, there are donations collected to clothe the poor, there are people in need who are receiving aid. And that is your Good News Story of the Day, which you’ll find here, and it is another reminder to not underestimate the young!


Story and Image from the Orlando Sentinel.

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