Most Shirts Ever And Money For A Good Cause – GNSOTD Thursday Feb 21 2019

A Kitchener man was joking around with his son and reading through the Guinness Book of World Records when they thought that he should try one on for size. So plans began to form for Ted Hastings to try to beat the record for the most shirts worn at one time. That is how Ted ended up at Polsky Strength and Conditioning gym on Sunday sitting there wondering why he had agreed to do this as they layered shirt after shirt on him; imagine if you will wearing more than 100 pounds of shirt!


But it wasn’t just for laughs, and it wasn’t just for notoriety, there was a little something extra behind this record attempt; because it just so happened that at the same time his 11 year old son and 14 year old daughter were raising money for a new playground at the Bridgeport Public School they attended. That is how the Hastings family turned their try at the record into a fundraising effort which ultimately raised near $11,000.00 for the playground.


And all it took was specially ordering in shirts from India which arrived just days before and then sitting through the “generally awful” experience of having them piled on one at a time. One shirt is comfortable, even two or three can start to feel a bit restrictive, after twenty they start to feel heavy, but Ted Hastings managed 260 shirts at once setting the new Guinness World Record.


What a way to spend a day! Our congratulations go out to Ted Hastings and his children for their record and for their effort to turn it into something positive for kids. Well done.


If you would like to read more about Ted and his description of his attempt you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here.


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