Most Popular Orders For March By Uber Eats In 30 States

Popular food delivery app, Uber Eats, has previously reported an increase in orders of 10%. Not a surprise given the increased in people staying home since the middle of March. But recently they also gave a list of what a number of states most requested food item was.

These were the most popular takeout dishes ordered with Uber Eats in 35 states for the month of March:

French Fries: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.
Pad Thai: Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas.
Carne Asada Fries: Colorado and Utah.
Crab Ragoon: Missouri and Wisconsin.
Burrito Bowl: Connecticut
Chicken Tikka Masala: California
BBQ Mixed Plate: Hawaii.
Waffle Fries: Indiana.
Large Poké Bowl: Iowa.
Chips With Queso: Louisiana.
Cheese Pazzo Bread: Maine.
Egg, Bacon & Cheese: Maryland.
Burrito: Massachusetts.
Garlic Naan: Minnesota.
Enchiladas: Montana.
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl: Nevada.
Chicken Sandwich: New Jersey.
Jerk Chicken: New York.
Nachos: North Carolina.
Notso Fries: Ohio.
Spicy Tuna Roll: Oklahoma.
Fried Chicken:Oregon.
Cheesesteak: Pennsylvania.
Hot Dog: Rhode Island.

While a few of the items are local favourites; such as Cheesesteak in Pennsylvania, a number of these items are international in origin and not very few are easy to replicate at home. So if you’ve been craving one of your favourite foods that you just can’t make yourself – you’re not alone.

Source: CBS News.

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