Mitten Maker Finds Manufacturer To Fulfill Giant Order – GNSOTD Tue, Feb. 2nd 2021

It was just last week we were speaking about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his now famous photo of him sitting in a chair wearing a big coat and mittens and how every element of that picture was going to benefit someone other than himself.

That story just keeps going; because the Vermont schoolteacher whose homemade mittens he was wearing has now seen her little side hobby grow into an all out craze.

Just as a reminder, her name is Jennifer Ellis, and she had originally sent him a pair after his 2016 loss to Hilary Clinton, but when she learned he had lent his pair out to someone on the campaign trail she sent him 10 more.

They were made of upcycled and recycled materials and people enjoyed the cozy looking creations; so they reached out to her to ask for their own pair. “Not just one pair — people want lots of them,” she said.

The problem was that this little side project was not a business for her, she’s an elementary teacher by trade, she did not have the equipment or time to create enough mittens to fill the thousands of orders that were coming in.

At first she simply thanked everyone and told them she couldn’t do it; but that’s now changed.

Not because she suddenly has a bunch of free time and new gear – but because she has a new partner.

“Many, many of you have reached out looking to buy a pair of these awesome mittens. Sadly I don’t really make them anymore. But I want to make sure that you get a pair,” Ellis said in a video on the Vermont Teddy Bear Company website.

“I knew there had to be a way to get them to you — and I found it!!” the second-grade teacher said in a Tweet on Saturday.

Jennifer Ellis is partnering with Vermont Teddy Bear, a local manufacturer who do have the equipment necessary to turn a sufficient amount of repurposed wool from sweaters and fleece made from recycled plastic bottles into the comfortable mittens.

Ellis told AFP three days after the inauguration that she had received around 13,000 emails from people who want to buy her mittens. “Everybody who wants these mittens will get them,” she said with the enthusiasm of, well, a second-grade teacher. That is a lot of money to be donated to the Make A Wish Vermont charity and also your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read in full here.

This is the meme that keeps on giving, and multiple charitable causes are receiving the benefits.

Story and Image from France 24.

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