Milwaukee Teen Being Hailed A Hero – GNSOTD Friday Dec 14

There is a family in a community called Muskego, Milwaukee who will be able to celebrate their Christmas together this year thanks to the quick and brave actions of one young member. When the family had been enjoying a night together watching movies, the three, mother, son, and daughter, fell asleep. It was only when the mother was awakened by a popping sound that they knew something was wrong; she awoke to the sight of their living room in flames. The family was roused and it was then that the 15-year-old son rose to the occasion.


First he led his 11-year-old sister safety and then went back into the burning home to rescue his mother who had attempted to put out the flames only to receive burns to her arms. Once he had his mother and sister safely outside the young man went into the adjoining home where his legally blind aunt lived and also brought her safely outside.


This brave teenager went into a burning building twice and was able to rescue 3 members of his family who will now all still be able to spend the end of the year and hopefully many more together because he kept his head and made sure they were all safe. Tess Corners Volunteer Fire Department Chief Marty Rukavina said “It was extremely brave.” Muskego Police Chief Richard Rens agreed, “You’ve got to give him a lot of credit for doing that.” “There had to be a lot of smoke,” when the boy returned to the house, he said.


While the family may have lost property in the fire, thanks to their son, they did not lose each other. During this holiday season do not let the material elements overwhelm what is truly important. Take joy in those around you and be grateful for the loved ones you have in your life.


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Image and Story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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