Man Stands As Spirit Of His Neighbourhood – GNSOTD Wednesday, Nov 27th 2019

It’s a familiar question to many who care; ‘What can I do to help?’ And it is one that Matt Thompson has asked himself on many occasions. The difference for Matt is that he often comes up with an answer and acts upon it. That is why he regularly hosts community events where everyone is welcome. Be they potlucks, coffee drop-ins or jam nights, he opens up his home in his Beasley neighbourhood in Hamilton to his community to build connections and make all feel welcome.


On a recent Friday it was coffee outside, where people passing by can stop for a free hot drink and morning chats. Wearing a Hamilton Ticats hat, Thompson dashed in and out of his house to ensure the people sipping coffee on his front lawn have what they need. It is this kind of community building that is encouraged by his faith in people – “I believe in our city and I believe people want to feel a sense of belonging. Still, it can be tough to be a new person in a big city,” he said. “To me, we must be always trying out new, different and better ways to bring people together.”


By coming together as a community it makes it easier to accomplish other tasks, from complicated matters to the simple things like help moving or just making friends. And helping people is what it is about, “My question to myself is always ‘what can I do to help,'” Thompson said. “I’m always here to help, I’m here to assist, so just let me know.” It’s part of the CBC’s Heroes of the Hammer series and it’s your Good News Story of the Day, find it here.


It is an important question to ask yourself, but it’s also important to act on the answers you might come up with or find. Even if it’s playing host to neighbourhood events.


Story and Image from Christine Rankin and CBC News.

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