Mail Carrier Helping Santa And A Family This Year – GNSTOD Monday, Dec 23rd, 2019

Santa has an extra special helper this year, a mail carrier for the Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Post Office who often delighted in answering children’s letters to Santa. Usually Melissa Stinsman takes the letters back to her home, a.k.a the “North Pole” and writes a response, but this year she answered a letter that required more than a letter in response. It was a three part letter from two young boys, with one, a 9-year-old, giving a list of requested items. Among the typical requests for Roblox toys and Legos were “Food for family” and “Clothing for family.” The 9-year-old child had written, “Dear Santa, I am going to star the top three items I really want.” Both necessities, as well as a trampoline, were marked.


Also in the envelope were two other letters. One from the same boy read, “Dear Santa, last year you didn’t notice me, so I hope this year you notice me, and this year I will be good. I pinkie promise…” The other was a list from his 5-year-old brother. “When I read the letter, I cried,” Stinsman tells Yahoo Lifestyle. She wanted to help, but the letter had no return address. However, the child had provided his full name, so Stinsman asked around, and finally, another mail carrier recognized the last name from the route.


The next day, Stinsman hesitantly knocked on the family’s door. “I said, ‘Hi, this sounds weird but I work for the post office and I got your son’s letter. I’d like to help you guys this year,’” she said. “The mom said, ‘Is this real?’” Originally, Stinsman had planned to buy the family a gift card to help with the holiday, but instead she started a money pool. Soon, the community was donating gift cards, toys, and clothing. “We raised about $500 and people dropped off food at the post office,” said Stinsman. Now she has quite a bit to fill some stockings with. She is also making sure that the family will have Christmas dinner by delivering some gift cards to a local grocery store early enough to leave time to prepare the meal. The rest will be delivered, as Santa does, on Christmas Eve.


It’s a beautiful act of kindness and charity that is surely worth being your Good News Story of the Day, find it in full here. But also it inspired even more. Now, Stinsman wants to start Christmas tradition, saying “it’s doable if everyone comes together.” And, indeed, anything is! Whole communities can be aided if we work together.


Story and Image from Yahoo Lifestyle.

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