Lost Symbol Of Union Returned Unexpectedly – GNSOTD Thursday May 9th 2019

Anyone who has lost a wedding ring or been with someone who has lost one knows the immediate anguish that can cause. It is a symbol of a union between two people meant to show the world that they have bound themselves to another in love and partnership. But being a physical thing, like everything else, a ring can be lost. It does nothing to the union but it still can hurt. In this case however a lucky discovery helped mend that hurt for one couple.


11 years ago Zuly Schober was enjoying a day at Huntington Beach with her husband, Patrick, only to discover her wedding ring was no longer on her finger by the time she returned home. “It was tears,” she told Inside Edition. “It was a bad, bad day.” The mom went back to the beach several times to search for her ring but no luck. She and Patrick believed the precious ring was gone forever. That was until just recently when Zuly caught sight of a Facebook post which had a very interesting story.


Teenager Devyn Greer was walking along Huntington Beach when she was returning from the water and spotted something shiny in the sand. The 15 year old didn’t really know what to do when finding a ring that big, but she decided to take it to her mother who thought the best option was to turn to social media and see if the owner could be found. Lucky for Zuly they did. She found the posting and recognized the ring and contacted them with an old photo. After determining it was in truth Zuly’s lost jewelry they connected to reunite her with her wedding ring.


A wonderful coincidence or a way of sparking a new friendship? God only knows, but it is at least worthy of being your Good News Story of the Day which you can learn more about here.


Story and Image from Inside Edition.



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