Little Boy Starts Business To Support Single Mom – GNSOTD Mon, Aug 10th 2020

An 8-year-old boy from East Los Angeles decided to take matters into in his own hands change his families financial situation to help his mom, who is a single mother of three children.

The boys name is Aaron Moreno and after his mom, Bernice Pacheco, lost her job during the pandemic, he started his own plant business called “Aaron’s Garden” to try and help make ends meet. His business Instagram profile reads: “Putting My Business in Gods Hands. 8yr old small bussiness owner of a Garden with plants & succulants 🌵🌾”

“The purpose of starting ‘Aaron’s Garden’ was because I lost my job,” said Berenice, Aaron’s mom. “I live in a shed and we were struggling financially.”

His mom had already been struggling since before the pandemic, they had at times been homeless, at least one of his siblings has been living with their grandmother in Mexico.

They didn’t have a lot of yard, but what they did have Aaron wanted to put to good use. So they took the last $12 Bernice had and invested it in some succulents to start his garden. “She told me if I wanted to do something like just spending money smart and then said ‘I would like to make a business,'” said Aaron. “Well it was going really small, but I didn’t mean for it to grow this way.”

Apparently Aaron has been curious about plants for years; “His favorite, it’s the aloe vera. And he gets a lot of mosquito bites. So we learned that the aloe vera has some type of medicine that heals. So that was awesome to learn,” said Pacheco.

The success Aaron has seen might be in part because a friend of his mothers, Esli Ramos started a GoFundMe for the project; and it has taken off.

To date the GoFundMe alone has raised over $26,000 dollars, thanks in large part to a single anonymous donor who gave $10,000. As for the success of the GoFundMe, Esli wrote on the page, “I can’t believe all the people whose come out and support this hard working kid Aaron’s Garden is becoming more popular with the help of all of you guys may God continue to bless everyone out there and your beautiful hearts . No puedo creer que ay tanta gente con corazones tan grandes y que apoyes a esté niño tan trabajador que dios los siga bendiciendo y gracias por apoyar una buena causa.”

So what is it that Aaron wants to do with all this money? He wants his family to be able to afford a bigger space to live, where the whole family can be back together, and to hire a lawyer to settle some immigration status issues. You can read all about his story in your Good News Story of the Day, here. It’s wonderful that this family is seeing so much love from their community; and kudos to Aaron for wanting to pitch in during hard times.

Story from ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Image from Aaron’s Garden GoFundMe.

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