List Of Things Home Buyers Forget To Check Most Often

There is plenty of advice to be found when it comes to buying a new home. But also a million things to check off your list before you say yes to such a huge commitment. Even with all the best intentions, consideration, and even expert advice; there are a few items that might fly under the radar. This is especially true if you are first time home buyers.

There are the top things people often forget to check when buying a home:

1. Storage Buildings

While you may be accustomed to checking inside the home to see what kind of storage space there is, you might be less used to checking the outside for the same. Outside buildings for tool and utility storage are just as important as if there is a basement or garage, especially if you have a lawn to care for or enjoy gardening. Where will you put your lawn furniture in the winter? What about the lawn more or snow blower? They all need somewhere safe and dry to go and a good shed is a big advantage.

2. The Neighborhood

It should occur to you to investigate the neighbourhood a little before you buy a home there. But one pass through might not be sufficient to get a real sense of the place. It might look good during the day, but how is it at night? Does it feel as safe? Is there any late night parties happening on a Friday or Saturday night that you would have missed on a Tuesday check in?

3. Cell Signal

Most people don’t have a landline any more, its usually a cell phone that people are picking up to make their calls, but how does you cell phone handle being in your potential new home? One thing you might not think to check is how your service is inside the house. While you are doing your walking tour you might want to try pulling the phone out in every room and checking the bars. Or even make a phone call while giving a quick pass through.

If your service is less than stellar, is that going to be a big issue for you?

4. Your Commute

While being close to work is always a plus, you may not have considered the actual commute you will be taking. Give it a test drive before you buy to be sure there isn’t some nasty surprise awaiting you.

5. Noise

Noise can be an issue for many home buyers. Is there plane or train traffic noise? Is the home near a freeway? If you’re a light sleeper, noise can be major problem. This might require driving by the home or having your agent do so at different times of the day to look into.

You might want to consider repeated visits to the area, possibly multiple open houses or showings, just to try to properly check some of these off your list.


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