Lemonade Stand To Take Mom On Date After Dad Passed – GNSOTD Monday July 22nd 2019

Brandon Campbell was a 37 year-old husband and father from Denver, but sadly he lost his battle with colon cancer on July 7th after only seven months. Before he passed he came up with a plan along with his 6-year-old son Brady: to have a lemonade stand. “It was my idea and my dad’s, and I did it to raise money and to also take my mom on a date,” said Brady. And so they did, he sold to neighbors and friends.  But after a local police officer stopped by to figure out what the gathering was, he placed a radio call to other first-responders.  Firetrucks and police cars started rolling up to the stand and young Brady raised $244.


That night he told his mom, Amanda, he wanted to take her on a date with his money and do something to honor his Dad.  It was the ultimate “life gives you lemons” story from a child who has suffered an incredible loss. Well, the story of the Lemonade stand spread and went viral and they did a little better than the original $244. There was a “virtual” Lemonade Stand set up in the form of a GoFundMe page which states “We will use a small portion of the funds raised for Brady and Amanda to continue having adventures (and dates) together.  We will use the rest to honor the Palliative Care Team and Cancer Center at University of Colorado Anschutz.” The page had a goal of $100.00 and has, as of time of posting, over $6,800.00


The page also says; “even in Brandon’s darkest days fighting cancer, he still believed in honoring the people who serve as cheerleaders and advocates for those struggling.”


“He was a good dad,” said Brady.


“He always wanted good to come from everything,” said Amanda. “He was the most positive person you will ever meet.”


A community came together, in a big way, to support a young family who lost their father figure. Now that family will be able to continue enjoying their lives and know his work didn’t end with his time on this earth. There is little more one could ask for. Read more about Brandon, Brady, and Amanda in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from CBS Denver.

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