Learn A Skill, Help With Waste, Be Creative In Kitchener – GNSOTD Wednesday, Oct 9th 2019

What started as an effort to reduce clutter in a Kitchener woman’s life turned into a mission to clamp down on the amount of usable cloth sent to landfill. Dayna Barnes offers sewing classes, bespoke costume creation and has made her warehouse space available to people who are somewhere between sewing hobbyists and custom clothing store owners. But now that space is filling up with fabric.


Dayna runs Tinker Tradespaces, a catch-all sewing and clothing business on Manitou drive in Kitchener. “Over a short period of time we created a great deal of fabric waste and I thought it was a shame for it to go to waste,” she said. Recycling the extra cloth seemed like the the logical next step. She also decided to open up her space to accept donations of fabric to be recycled into new objects. Right now, she takes the odds and ends that are donated and sews them into a cohesive single sheet. Those pieces are then forged into new items. But she has found that fabric is easier to come by than ideas of what to do with it!


She recently began to turn some of the fabric into stuffing for dog beds for animal shelters after the provincial government changed the rules on what kind of materials can be used to stuff items like pillows. But she says that if anyone has ideas for how the cloth can be successfully repurposed, Barnes is all ears.


She also says she is need of extra hands; as a small business owner she cannot devote all her time to sewing pieces that end up being donated. All skill levels would be useful in lending a hand, even those with no sewing skill could help out with sorting fabric. It’s a wonderful initiative to help reduce waste and create donations for those in need. It’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can read more about Dayna Barnes here. But it is a clever idea that doesn’t require great financial contributions; only time. Which everyone should be able to find to help.


Story and Image by CBC News Kitchener.

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