Last Minute Gift Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day

When it comes to Father’s Day and celebrating with Dad the best thing you can do is to ask. What does dad want? Does he want some alone and quiet time, or a big family dinner? Does he want to BBQ or order in? How about a trip to the drive-in, a movie at home, or gifts? There’s so many questions you won’t get an answer to if you don’t ask.

But if you’re looking for a last minute surprise gift then here are a few suggestions you should still have a chance to arrange, put together, or go pick up:

  1. For the Dads who have trouble outfitting their wardrobe, Father’s day is a great day for a nice new addition to their outfit. T-shirts, ties, socks, etc. As long as it’s to their style and taste, it’s a great gift.
  2. If your Dad likes listening to music you could consider getting him a new blue tooth speaker so he can listen in the Garage, or the back yard, or anywhere around the house.
  3. Alternatively you could get him a nice new set of headphones; earbuds if he is an on the go music listener who likes to listen to music while he walks or jogs or moves around the house. Or over the ear headphones if he enjoys sitting while listening to his music, shows, what-have-you.
  4. Another great option for music lovers is a new album, if Dad is a real audiophile then you might already have a record player in the house; if not then you could consider that as a bit of an over the top gift. But a new bit of his favourite music can’t go wrong.
  5. A New Grooming kit is a great idea, especially during COVID-19 when COVIDbeards and Coronaviruscuts are becoming so very common. Beard or Hair care kits might make Dad feel a little more normal after they get a good use.
  6. Father’s Day is a day to relax, so if Dad’s been feeling a bit stressed; rubbing his neck or arching his back, consider a massaging tool as a gift for the big guy. Even the roughest and toughest dad occasionally could use a relaxing massage.
  7. The classic stand by of a mug isn’t really a bad idea. Unless Dad’s cupboard is already filled up with ‘World’s Best Dad’ mugs you could see about finding one that fits him. But don’t get him a mug alone! Try filling it with something else that Dad appreciates; like the next item on our list!
  8. For the hungry man you might consider picking up some delicious meat! Farmer’s Markets, farm shops, butchers, and even the grocery store all have a variety of meat items you could pick up for Dad to snack on. If Dad’s not in to meat, you could go the cheese option, or salty snack route!
  9. If you are familiar with Dad’s hobbies or passions; you could always work with those and get him a gift based on those. But if you want to go above and beyond then consider upping the ante and getting a subscription to a gift box around it! Is he a Star Wars or Disney fan? A survivalist or a beard aficionado? They have subscription boxes for that! Take a look around and see what you can come up with.
  10. And finally, for the hard to shop for Dad, there’s always the gift of shopping. Pick him up a gift card to his favourite shop. Let him enjoy selecting his own perfect Father’s Day gift.

Hopefully these options help you out when it comes to picking out something for Dad this weekend. But remember the biggest gift you can give Dad this Father’s Day is love and affection and time. Let him know you’re there for him.

Happy Father’s Day.

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