Kitchener-Waterloo Food Bank Sees Substantial Donations – GNSOTD Fri, Sept 4th 2020

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region says that more than 34,500 people have struggled to put food on the table during the pandemic. Saying there are so many unknowns about the fall, the question of will there be a second wave, will there be more shutdowns, will people be out of work again, will covid supports continue or be extended for those who need them.

They have no way of knowing these things, but what they DO know is that people will need food, and they’re planning for more than usual to be in need of help. “What we do know, and what we’re planning for is that there will be an increase in need for food assistance and we are planning for potentially a 30 per cent increase in food assistance as all of this continues to unfold,” Wendi Campbell, CEO of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, said.

Normally this would be followed by a dire call for help, saying food is desperately needed; but not this time. While they do still need donations, and they have plans for fall food drive campaigns, they are not in panic mode because they had a VERY successful summer campaign!

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region raised double what it was hoping to achieve this summer. During their Full Bellies Happy Hearts campaign the organization had a goal of half a million meals. Instead, the community brought in more than a million for the campaign which kicked off in June.

It is always said that during times of adversity people can pull together and support each other better, and this was a great example of that. This means they have food they can manage and with some moderate continued donations into the fall and winter months they should be able to feed people in the Waterloo region and what is more worthy of being a Good News Story of the Day than a community taking care of the most vulnerable people among them in such a fantastic way. Find more here.

It’s not that more work isn’t required; Campbell says the food bank will need to work together with the community, partners and other food programs “to make sure that we have all of the gaps in our inventory filled, that we have the resources that we need so that if there is a spike in usage, we are prepared and ready for that spike.”

Sill, well done Kitchener-Waterloo.

Story and Image from CBC News.

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