Kitchener High School Feeling Positive Vibes – GNSOTD Monday, Dec 16th, 2019

High School can be a trying time for students, especially as you come toward the end of a semester, exams, and the long dark before the Christmas break. But back at the beginning of September, there was one grade-11 business class, at Eastwood Collegiate Institute in Kitchener, that was challenged with delivering a message to their school and asked what kind of message they wanted to spread? “What’s an idea that would resonate and is worth getting out there,” their teacher, Will Martin, asked them. The answer they came up with was positivity.


And so they determined the way to spread their message was by holding events throughout the month of December during the lunch period including “Positivity Bingo.” How do you play? Well, it’s much like your standard bingo game with one or two students calling out the numbers and the others filling in their cards until someone gets a bingo. That’s when it changes up a little; instead of any kind of cash or toy prize the winner gets to come to the front and pop a balloon – inside of which is a message of positivity. Sayings like “stay positive” and “be your own kind of beautiful” can be found inside, usually written by one of the students who came up with the campaign, like Jack Clancy, who admits the messages can be a bit cheesy but holding the game seems to be working at bringing the students together and lifting their spirits, “You see some people walk in and just coming from second period, they seem a little down, they seem tired,” said Clancy. “But then they get the Bingo going, there’s that good positive energy in the room and when they leave, they seem a little more upbeat.”


One of the students who was a winner at the bingo, Belle Lemiux-Chan, says that as she read the saying found in the balloon, she reflected on what it meant to her. “There’s always something positive in every single day,” she said. “Even if you’re having a really bad time at school or something, you have your sister to hug or the weather is nice.”


And this kind of positivity can spread too, like an avalanche beginning with a little ball of snow, it can grow and spread and impact the whole community. Jack Clancy even noticed how one person having a positive perspective can make a big difference. “Doing these little events and teaching them about positive thinking and about having that positive mindset can change one person at a time and can eventually change the whole school,” said Clancy. It’s how you change the world, not with whole continents, but one heart at a time, and that message is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find more on here; and hopefully it inspires you to spread your own message of positivity today!


Story and Image from Julianne Hazlewood and CBC News.

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