Kids Save School Bus After Drivers Medical Emergency – GNSOTD Thursday Mar 28 2019

A group of students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton are being heralded as heroes for safely bringing their school bus to a stop and offering first aid after their driver collapsed from a medical emergency. This is the sort of situation that parents dread and we often think of as leading to disaster. Yet these kids proved their quick thinking and courage by not only safely bringing the bus to a stop but also contacted the proper authorities.


This group of teens including the first to the wheel, 15-year-old Aidan Gilmore, had no experience driving a school bus; in fact Aidan had never driven a car, yet they managed to know what to do to get the bus safely off the road and stopped. They also had the required first aid training to care for the driver while 911 was called. They managed to accomplish this all so well that no one was injured and the delay was so short that there was time for another bus to be sent and the kids to make it to school before the bell rang. Find more in your Good News Story of the Day here.


It is important to prepare our kids to face all sorts of situations but once they are out in the world we have to trust that they are capable of handling what the world holds in store for them. Quite often they will surprise us with the things they can accomplish. Whether it is saving bus drivers or raising thousands of dollars for charity to helping the homeless they are capable of so much more than many often give them credit for.


Story and Image from CBC.

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