Kentucky Church Helping Families By Removing Debt Burden – GNSOTD Tue, Feb 25th 2020

A church and a non-profit are teaming up to eliminate medical debt for thousands of families in the Greater Cincinnati area. Crossroads Church senior pastor Brian Tome mentioned the campaign nearly in passing. He spent about three minutes describing the burden of medical debt during his Nov. 23 sermon, entitled “The Marks of Multiplication.” Tome said members of the congregation could text “MULTIPLY” to 313131 to help “free others from medical debt,” mentioning that every dollar donated could be leveraged to remove about $100 in debt. But he insisted the campaign was not a challenge.

The church worked with non-profit RIP Medical Debt. The group’s website says every $100 donated wipes out $10,000 in medical debt. Crossroads Church realized they were able to raise enough money to pay off $46.5 million in medicals bills for families in the Tri-state and beyond. The church made their announcement this past Sunday about how effective the campaign was.

Among the families helped are 2,974 Kentucky households, accounting for $1.9 million in bills. They also helped eliminate $1.5 million for 503 Tennessee households, $200,000 for 136 Indiana households, and a whopping $42.8 million for 41,233 households in Ohio.

Crossroads church leaders said those whose debt has been retired are currently being notified by mail. The notices are enclosed in bright yellow envelopes. What a beautiful message that must be to receive. And a beautiful Good News Story of the Day this makes; you can find it in full here.

It’s remarkable that no one knows how much medical debt exists in the U.S. but that at least 33% of the population has some, and that half of those have defaulted on that debt. Thank for for this Church and the non-profit who were able to help these families.

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