Judge Goes Viral For Parental Move – GNSOTD Wednesday, Nov 13th 2019

Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins is going viral after a video showed him pulling a major parental move; swearing in a new lawyer last week while holding her baby. That lawyer was Juliana Lamar, who recently graduated from Belmont University College of Law, and the judge was holding her 1-year-old baby. Why? Because apparently Dinkins wanted Lamar’s son to be a part of this great moment in his mother’s life.


It is a moment the two will be able to remember forever after it was capture on video by a friend, Sarah Martin, who shared it to her Twitter account where it has been viewed more than half a million times.



Lamar, who reportedly used to work as a clerk in Dinkins’ court, said the judge was “a guiding light during my legal career.” She added “When I was nine months pregnant, the day before I found out I needed to be induced, Judge Dinkins spoke on the importance of voting at an event I hosted as the President of my school’s Black Law Students’ Association,” she continued. “During this event Judge Dinkins reminded me of how proud he was of me and that he knew I would do great things, even with a baby in tow.”


A career is important, but family is more-so, and this judge knew the importance of family in our lives. It’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more here. But remember to make room for your family in all aspects of your life, and the lives of those around you.


Story and Image from The Sun.

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