Inspiring Commitment Of A Couple – GNSOTD Friday Nov 23

In sickness and in health is the vow and one woman took that very seriously 20 years ago when she made a decision that would keep her very busy every day with challenges that many might shirk from. 20 years ago, Rose Andrews of Carbonear, NL., decided that she was not going to give up on her husband Gerald; who had just suffered a brain hemorrhage.  When she made the choice to take him off life support the medical staff believed she had accepted his life was over. That was not the case, she had instead decided she was going to bring him back, and with love and determination the two of them are still together and still working on getting Gerald through the days.


This decision was not made lightly, Andrews had worked in long-term care for many years, so she knew a thing or two about what it takes to be a caregiver. She also knew rehabilitating Gerald would be a long journey, including everything from reciting the alphabet, to teaching him how to walk again at the local pool. Still there have been greater challenges that might not have been expected and are out of the control of the couple; such as accessibility. Apparently there is still not an accessible changing room at the pool they use, which makes life harder than it has to be. But Rose will never give up the fight, or forget her vows to her husband, and you can read more about the two of them in your Good News Story of the Day here.


The next time you face an obstacle in your commitment to your partner remember Rose and Gerald and never give up the fight or forget your vow.


Story and Image from CBC.

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