Inspired Artist Helping Preserve History – GNSOTD Fri, Feb 21st 2020

Artist Jessica Jewett is known for creating beautiful pieces of art in a special fashion – born with a rare defect, she’s a quadriplegic who paints and draws with her mouth.

But the 38 year old is also a history buff and when she went to visit Civil War hero, General Joshua Chamberlain’s 200-year-old home in Maine, which is now the Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum, she found it in a bit of a state of disrepair.

Wanting people to be inspired by history she decided she would help. And while she was not in a financial situation capable of donating directly; she could put her skills to work. She spent weeks drawing Chamberlain’s home. In only an hour, the sketch sold on her website and prints are going fast.

Every dollar will be going to the museum and it’s caretakers are taking note of how she is not letting her disability keep her from helping. “She is not letting it stop her just like Chamberlain did not let it stop him. That’s an incredibly powerful message,” said Larissa Vigue Picard, Director of the Pejepscot Historical Center. 

Inspiration is being found all over in this story and that makes it your Good News Story of the Day, find it and watch the video here. But also it’s a lesson; “I want to see other people take heart in the belief that one person can make a difference,” Jessica said.

Story and Image from CBS News.

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