How You Can Help The Bees Without Building Anything

There are many ways in which we have been encouraged to help the bees of late, such as; building a bee garden, letting your lawn go wild, avoiding any pesticides, or even building a bee shelter. But there is one way to help these important pollinators that doesn’t require much effort or time at all!


As it happens there are  a few pieces of information that scientists could use to try and help the bee populations which they cannot gather without intensive field study:

  • Where to find and protect rare bee species.
  • What kinds of plants different bees are using for food at different times of year.
  • Whether some bee species are declining with time and factors such as climate change.


But no one has the time to go out and gather all that information. At least not if they are trying to do it on their own, but if everyone was gathering that information? It would go much quicker. And gathering it is as simple as taking a picture with your smart phone! Then all you have to do is either use an app or upload it to a website such as – (if it is a bumblebee.)


Just make sure you have the time, date, and location saved as part of the photo information and then that data can be used to recommend whether certain species should be listed as endangered, or to decide what habitat to protect or what to plant to conserve certain species. So if you are someone who likes to take pictures of the neat bits of nature then get to snapping! You could be helping out the bees!

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